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 At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)

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Joslynn Gwynala


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PostSubject: At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)   Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:58 pm


Nar Shaddaa ~ Upper Levels Cantina

The upbeat tempo of the cantina music and the smell of alcohol and smoke made the woman smile. She felt right at home here. Frankly how could she not? A smuggler like herself loved cantinas. Some loved it for the drinks. Some loved it for the gambling. Men, mostly, loved it for the exotic dancers of all species. She, on the other hand, loved it for the sounds and noises that could be heard. It somewhat appealed to her. Joslynn Gwynala, a smuggler known for getting what she wanted and doing anything to get it. She was an attractive woman by all means. She had an hourglass figure with subtle muscle build, especially her arms. On closer inspection, her skin is covered in scars along her back, arms, neck, and legs, varying in severity. Her facial features were striking, including very deep, expressive green eyes. Her hair fell down to her lower back, and was a dark brown, however in certain lighting her blond highlights were visible.

Today she decided to wear a tight black body suit with armor plating in some areas. She wasn't dressing to impress or to pick up men tonight. This was business. Everything was business now that she had joined the Army of the Light. No more going home with odd men, because frankly she didn't have the time to play with little boys anymore. No more job runs unless it was for the AL, because she didn't have the time. No more spice, because it was spice. This thought made her frown. Oh how she loved that spice. Not that she had ever used any. Well maybe be once, but that wasn't the point. She would miss the pay. There was always big money in spice runs.
Gotta love the druggies, she thought with a giggle as she leaned back in her chair, folding her slender arms across her chest.

Jos closed her eyes, her lips curling up into a smile as she heard a familiar song and as she heard a cup come in contact with the table she sat at. More nova scorchers for me.

She unfolds her arms and grabs her cup sipping from it slowly, looking utterly at peace. This was the life, however she didn't have much time left for "the life". Her partner would soon be here. A partner that would help her complete a new assignment, which she didn't quite approve of. Joslynn was confident that she could handle this. She had been solo act most of her life. Why should that change? She shook her head,
Because that wasn't how the Army of the Light did it..

The woman sighed deeply as she looked at clock and around the establishment. She was getting stared at by many men as usual. Jos wanted this partner of hers to hurry. She couldn't promise that if her partner didn't show up that she'd be a good little smuggler...

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Aadeon Amitey


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PostSubject: Re: At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)   Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:07 am

You have it closed but if you would accept may I join this? I have a neat idea...
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PostSubject: Re: At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)   Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:48 pm


He ran through city in his dark appeal, searching for a cantina. He had a new assignment, that he accepted because it was what he liked most. Xecr looked around for buildings, and finally he found the cantina - lights told him he was right. He entered it slowly to not make attention. He failed. His rare armor and covered face made everyone stop talking and look at him. Ehhh... he sighed to himself and slowly walked to a free table. As usually he crossed legs on it and put hands backward. People resumed their conversations.

Xecr looked around. He was said to get a partner. He did not like that idea - Xecr prefeered to work alone. But what could he do? He served The Army of Light and he did what he was ordered to. He saw Twi'leks, Humans, two Nautolans and many other species, but noone had AL marks. He sighed again and relaxed. He decided to wait for his "partner" to come.
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PostSubject: Re: At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)   

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At the First Glance (CLOSED RP)
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